Sentence Examples

  • If you don't have a lot of money to spend, your best bet for customized clipart is to befriend a graphic artist or even a student at your school with latent talents and a helpful attitude.
  • This profile page also includes a space for friends to post their messages to you, much like the front page of a Facebook profile, and shows everyone who you are friends with, allowing you to befriend others on the site.
  • Immortals are not supposed to know about the Watchers and Watchers are definitely not supposed to befriend their watchee, but Joe and Duncan team up to handle a new problem, corruption within the Watchers.
  • However, during season nine, the invisible computer nerd tries to ditch his boring image by trying to befriend Degrassi's elite, join the basketball team and score a date with the hottest girl in school.
  • Internet predators may try to befriend a young person by pretending to be someone closer to his or her age, and teens should be cautioned about revealing personal information online.