Sentence Examples

  • My father had just landed a gig working for one of the lesser nobles after he saved the life of the noble's son.
  • Farnese at once set to work with subtle skill to win over to the royalist cause the Catholic nobles of the south.
  • William, Egmont, and Hoorn therefore placed themselves at the head of a league of nobles against Granvelle (who had become cardinal in 1561) with the object of undermining his influence and driving him from power.
  • The nobles protested, and Egmont was deputed to go to Madrid and try to obtain from the king a mitigation of the edicts and redress of grievances.
  • But his success was short-lived, for in 1029 the Norwegian nobles, seething with discontent, rallied round the invading Knut the Great, and Olaf had to flee to Russia.

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