Sentence Examples

  • His head was titled to the side, as if he was trying to determine what was wrong with her.
  • Only a few fragments of his work, apparently en titled Commentaries on the Writings of Moses, are quoted by Clement, Eusebius and other theological writers, but they suffice to show its object.
  • Dissensions broke out among the Scottish leaders, and all Wallace's titled friends left him and made submission to Edward, except the ever faithful Sir Andrew Moray.
  • Thus, in Samoa there are four different terms for to come: sau is for a common man; maliu mai is a respectful term for a person without a title; susu mai for a titled chief; and afro mai for a member of the royal family.
  • It was formally agreed in cabinet meeting that" when brought together in society, all are perfectly equal, whether foreign or domestic, titled or untitled, in or out of office."Thus diplomatic grades were ignored in social precedence and foreign relations were seriously compromised by dinner-table complications.

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