Sentence Examples

  • Brandon's blue Neon was already in the parking lot, and he was lounging with his back against it, arms folded across his chest.
  • The neon tube glowed when it was in resonance with the wireless telegraph antenna.
  • The baptistery adjacent to the cathedral was, according to Ricci, originally part of the Roman baths, converted to a Christian baptistery by the Archbishop Neon (449-452), though according to other authorities it is a Christian building dating from before A.D.
  • Maria in Cosmedin) formed out of the octagonal hall of a Roman bath (?) - unless it is an originally Christian building - with mosaics of the 6th century imitating those of the baptistery of Neon, and freely restored; S.
  • Laymen also belonged to it, like Hermann of Fritzlar and Rulman Merswin, the rich banker of Strassburg (author of a mystical work, Buck der neon Felsen, on the nine rocks or upwards steps of contemplation).