Positive Words That Start With N

Updated July 15, 2022
Girl meditating with examples of positive words that start with N
    Girl meditating With Positive Words That Start With N
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Positive words can help to spread love and joy to those around you. Start your journey by looking at positive words that start with N. These N words can help nourish a new love for writing.

Small Positive N Words

If asked, could you enumerate how many positive words you used today? Choosing words with positive connotations can empower others and shed light on nearly every situation. There’s at least one inescapable fact of life: the more we focus on positivity, the more our lives will take on a nuance of hope. Grab your pad and pencil; let’s start the journey with a noteworthy list of positive words that start with N.




namaste (n.)

a salutation in the Hindu culture to express a polite and peaceful hello or goodbye

hello, good morning, good day

nascent (adj.)

something that is just beginning

budding, burgeoning, fledgling

native (n.)

someone born in a particular region

aboriginal, citizen, inhabitant

natty (adj.)

trim and smart in appearance or dress

fashionable, dapper, tidy

natural (adj.)

formed by nature or instincts

intrinsic, inherent, ingrained

nature (n.)

the natural earth and the things on it

cosmos, creation, environment

near (adj.)

close in distance, time, or relationship

nigh, adjacent, adjoining

neaten (v.)

to cause to be tidy and orderly

arrange, clean, order

needed (adj.)

wanted; something that is required because it is important

desired, essential, necessary

nestle (v.)

to settle down comfortably and snugly

caress, cuddle, snuggle

new (adj.)

coming into being for the first time

fresh, immature, inexperienced

newborn (adj.)

recently born or come into existence

infant, recent, young

next (adj.)

coming immediately after in space, time, order

succeeding, subsequent, following

nibble (v.)

to take small bites

chew, eat, snack

nice (adj.)

someone who is pleasant or agreeable

agreeable, appealing, charming

nifty (adj.)

something that is good or great

cool, neat, terrific

nimble (adj.)

someone who is quick to move or understand

adroit, agile, alert

nimbus (n.)

a bright cloud surrounding gods or goddesses

aura, cloud, glory

nirvana (n.)

a place or state of being in peace or complete happiness

bliss, harmony, joy

nippy (adj.)

cold in a stinging way

chilly, cold, cool

noble (adj.)

someone who has high morals and ideals

magnanimous, excellent, reputable

nod (v.)

to quickly raise and lower the head, usually showing agreement

accept, acknowledge, agree

nonstop (adj.)

without a stop, ongoing

constant, continuous, uninterrupted

nook (n.)

a secluded, quiet place

niche, cubbyhole, recess

normal (adj.)

regular, natural, or staying with the general standard

average, common, conventional

notable (adj.)

someone or something worth paying attention to

celebrated, distinguished, eminent

nourish (v.)

to feed or develop

cultivate, develop, encourage

novel (adj.)

something new or different

avant-garde, contemporary, unusual

now (adv.)

at the present time or immediately

at once, directly, forthwith

nurse (v.)

to care for; tend

attend, care, tend

nurture (v.)

to feed, train or help develop someone or something

bolster, cherish, cultivate

nuzzle (v.)

to lie close

cuddle, nestle, snuggle

Large Positive N Words

Positive words come in handy when it’s time to write a cover letter, resume or email. When you write a creative cover letter that stands out, enjoy these noble words, along with their nourishing meanings and synonyms.




nationhood (n.)

a large group of people united by a common language, culture or economic life

community, society, country

nationwide (adv.)

occurring throughout a country or nation

universally, nationally, regionally

naturally (adv.)

as one might expect; of course

typically, ordinarily, customarily

navigate (v.)

to plan your course

direct, guide, maneuver

necessary (adj.)

being essential or required

requisite, expedient, indispensable

neighborly (adj.)

kind and friendly, as in between neighbors

amicable, civil, cordial

never-failing (adj.)

always succeeding

steadfast, unwavering, unshakeable


recently discovered

new, afresh, novel

nominate (v.)

to designate or select

appoint, designate, elect

nonchalant (adj.)

easygoing, without showing care or interest

airy, calm, causal

nonpareil (adj.)

having no equal; above comparison

alone, incomparable, matchless

normally (adv.)

under normal circumstances; usually

ordinarily, commonly, regularly

noteworthy (adj.)

something worth mentioning or deserving notice

exceptional, important, meaningful

noticeable (adj.)

something that is very apparent, obvious, or easy to see

appreciable, clear, conspicuous

numberless (adj.)

infinite, without number

endless, immeasurable, infinite

numerous (adj.)

something that is large in number

abundant, copious, plentiful

numinous (adj.)

spiritually elevated; sublime

otherworldly, spiritual, unworldly

nutritious (adj.)

healthy or promoting good health

balanced, healthy, nourishing


10 Example Sentences Using N Words

Here are ten of the above words in sentence form:

  1. Her nascent understanding of the English language is astounding.

  2. They sent out a nationwide alert that the zombies are coming.

  3. I don’t know how to navigate these waters.

  4. She loves to neaten and tidy her kitchen every evening.

  5. Sandra extended quite a neighborly welcome.

  6. Her newfound love for this church community is heart-warming.

  7. That little elf sure is nimble.

  8. He’s too quick to be considered nonchalant.

  9. She created the most fabulous reading nook in her attic.

  10. This new author is sure to be noteworthy and well-loved.

New and Noteworthy Words

We hope you’ll consider some of these words new and noteworthy. Don’t let the positivity stop here, though. Continue to expand your vocabulary with this notable list of nouns that start with N. There are 50 in total. Then, how about nearly 30 adjectives that start with N? Pretty nifty, right? Next, build your vocabulary with even more words that start with N using the word list tool from WordFinder by YourDictionary. As you scroll, we hope you’ll continue to nurture a love for the English language that’s truly innumerable.