Next Definition

Nearest in space or position; adjacent.
The next room.
American Heritage
Just before or after in time, space, degree, or rank; nearest; immediately preceding or following.
Webster's New World

Being closer to the present location than all other items.

In the time, place, degree, or rank nearest, or immediately preceding or following.
Webster's New World
On the first subsequent occasion.
When next we meet.
Webster's New World
The next person or thing.
The next will be better.
American Heritage
The one immediately following.
Webster's New World
One whose turn is next, as in being served.
Webster's New World
Beside; nearest to.
Sit next the tree.
Webster's New World
On the side of; next to.
The one immediately following the current or most recent one.
Next week would be a good time to meet.
I'll know better next time.

Closest to seven days (one week) in the future.

The party is next Tuesday; that is, not this Tuesday, but nine days from now.

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Origin of Next

  • From Middle English nexte, nest, from Old English nÄ«ehst (“nearest, next"), superlative form of nÄ“ah (“nigh, near"), corresponding to Proto-Germanic *nÄ“hwist (“nearest, closest"). Cognate with Old Norse næstr (Danish næste), Dutch naast, German nächst, Persian نزد (nazd, “near, with").

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English nexte from Old English nīehsta, nēhst superlative of nēah near

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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