Sentence Examples

  • The simpler Fungi, like the simpler Green Algae, consist of single cells or simple or branched cell-threads, but among the higher kinds a massive body is often formed, particuTissue t~Jf larly in con nexion with the formation of spores, and, er~n,~,onthiS may exhibit considerable tissue-differentiation.
  • Some slight bond of conContinu- nexion was, however, necessary for defence against anee common dangers; and the Empire had existed so long, of the and so many great associations were connected with empire.
  • In Coleochaetaceae the branches are often welded into nexion with each whorl there arise, singly or in pairs, branches which a plate, simulating a parenchyma.
  • Through any point T in that line draw TV1, TV2, respectively paral- p, id to the simultaneous direction of Inotion of the pieces; through any other point A in the line of con- T nexion draw a plane perpendicular to that line, cutting TV~, TV2 in A V1 V2 then, velocity of piece I:
  • Nexion, and the line ViV2 represents their velocity relatively to each other.

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