Sentence Examples

  • There is a nexus between each leading group of social phenomena and other leading groups; if there is a change in one of them, that change is accompanied by a corresponding modification of all the rest.
  • 3, 23.2), who holds that the nexus feudalis is consistent with summum imperium.
  • It seems, especially in the case of the nexus between certain neurons, that the influence, loss of which endangers nutrition, is associated with the occurrence of something more than merely the nervous impulses awakened from time to time in the leading nerve cell.
  • In that year the Gotha line expired, and a general redistribution of the lands of the " Nexus Gothanus," as this group of duchies was called, was arranged on the 12th of November 1826.
  • And what Spinoza has to say of the requisites of definition and the marks of intellection makes it clear that insight comes with coherence, and that the work of method on the " inductive " side is by means of the unravelling of all that makes for artificial limitation to lay bare what can then be seen to exhibit nexus in the one great system.