Sentence Examples

  • Other notables in the early years include Carl Stalling, Sammy Cahn, Peggy Lee, Sonny Burke, George Bruns, Mel Leven, Leigh Harline, Ned Washington, Ray Gilbert, Roger Miller, Jerry Livingston, Al Hoffman, and Mack David.
  • Tracy's sons Ned and Dillon are both off screen and Jason, though a Quartermaine by birth remains at odds with his family and does not consider himself one of the clan.
  • Included "A coffer wyth ij liddes to serue for an Awter and ned be " (Archaeologia, xxvi.
  • Stark, who exa*r;ned the spectra of the so-called " canal-rays " (Canalestrahlen).
  • This hierarchy of persons, these private relations of man to man, were recognized by custom in default of the law, and were soon strength ned by another and territorial hierarchy.