Nod Definition

nodded, nodding, nods
To bend (the head) forward slightly and raise it again quickly.
Webster's New World
To let the head fall forward involuntarily because of drowsiness; be very sleepy.
Webster's New World
To signify (assent, approval, agreement, etc.) by doing this.
Webster's New World
To be inattentive or careless; make a slip.
Webster's New World
To bend the head forward slightly and raise it again quickly, as a sign of greeting, command, acknowledgment, invitation, or, specif., of agreement or assent.
Webster's New World
A nodding, as of the head, treetops, etc.
Webster's New World
A forward or up-and-down movement of the head, usually expressive of drowsiness or agreement.
A nod of affirmation.
American Heritage
An indication of approval or assent.
The contestant got the nod from the judges.
American Heritage
A sign of affirmation, assent, favorable decision, etc.
To give or get the nod.
Webster's New World
A nomination for an award.
American Heritage

(law) Notice Of Disagreement; filed by an appellant in response to a denial of veteran's benefits in United States law.

nod off
  • to fall asleep, esp. when sitting up
Webster's New World
nod out
  • to become unconscious from the effects of a drug
Webster's New World

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Origin of Nod

  • Middle English nodden perhaps akin to Middle High German notten

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


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