Sentence Examples

  • On germination it gives rise to a row of cells in which short (nodal) and long (internodal) cells alternate.
  • It is found that the direction of the moon's equator remains nearly invariable with respect to the plane of the orbit, and therefore revolves with that plane in a nodal period of 18.6 years.
  • The plate is then bowed at the edge and is thrown into vibration between nodal lines or curves and the sand is thrown from the moving parts or ventral segments into these lines, forming " Chladni's figures."
  • As in the case of a musical string, so here we find that the pitch of the note is higher for a given plate the greater the number of ventral segments into which it is divided; but the converse of this does not hold good, two different notes being obtainable with the same number of such segments, the position of the nodal lines being, however, different.
  • If the plate be small, it is sufficient, in order to bring out the simpler sand-figures, to hold the plate firmly between two fingers of the same hand placed at any point where at least two nodal lines meet, for instance the centre in (1) and (2), and to draw a violin bow downwards across the edge near the middle of a ventral segment.