Sentence Examples

  • (ii.) In the same way, if we multiply the table by c, the sum of the first n numbers in any column is equal to the nth number in the next following column.
  • These being freed from the normal inhibiting power of the neighbouring elements, multiply and go on to the formation of a new growth.
  • In a multiply connected space, like a ring, with a multiply valued velocity function ¢, the liquid can circulate in the circuits independently of any motion of the surface; thus, for example, 4) =mB=m tan - l y/x (5) will give motion to the liquid, circulating in any ring-shaped figure of revolution round Oz.
  • Concordia discors pointed out the absurdity of the constant tendency to multiply oaths, while "remonstrances," "narratives," "queries," "prescriptions," "vindications," "declarations" and "statements" were scattered broadcast.
  • For a time after entry they multiply, obtaining the nitrogen necessary for their nutrition and growth from the free nitrogen of the air, the carbohydrate required being supplied by the pea or clover plant in whose tissues they make a home.

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