Sentence Examples

  • From these formulae we derive two important relations, dp4 = or the function F, on the right which multiplies r, is said to be a simultaneous invariant or covariant of the system of quantics.
  • The reason of this appears to he that the diplococcus is frequently present in the mouth or air-passages without giving rise to any symptoms; but when the patient is exposed to chill, and the tissues of the respiratory passages are thereby weakened, the diplococcus grows, multiplies and gives rise to inflammation of the lungs.
  • The tree is not at present indigenous in southern Britain, but when planted in suitable ground multiplies rapidly by the wind-sown seeds; on many of the sandy moors and commons natural pine woods of large extent have been thus formed during the last fifty years.
  • As human intelligence and industry come into play the means of livelihood are proportionately extended; population multiplies, and with this multiplication production increases.
  • The report also considers it proved that the bacillus pestis multiplies in the stomach of a flea and may remain a considerable time within its host.

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