Sentence Examples

  • The horizontal ramus, long, straight, and compressed, gradually narrows towards the symphysis, where it expands laterally to form with the ankylosed opposite ramus the wide, semicircular, shallow alveolar border for the incisor teeth.
  • A little beyond, near Brienz, the river expands into the lake of Brienz, where it becomes navigable.
  • Here the width of the stream increases at flood time to woo or 1500 yds., and though it narrows at the somewhat dangerous rapids of Rumde Gilla to 150 or 180 yds., it soon expands again.
  • As water expands on freezing, so conversely ice contracts on melting; and the ice-cold water thus formed continues to contract when heated until it has reached its point of maximum density, the temperature at which this occurs being about 39° Fahr.
  • Or 4° C. Above this point water continuously expands, and at no temperature is it less dense than ice as is shown by the following table: - Density of ice at o°C. = 9175 „ water at o°C. = 99988 4°C. = 1.00000 Io °C. _ 99976 Ioo°C. _ 95866 Under the influence of heat, ice itself behaves as most solids do, contracting when cooled, expanding when heated.

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