Sentence Examples

  • I harp (multiplied quant.
  • And similar records might be multiplied almost to any extent.
  • Hence_li y ` A 1n where A li and A li, are minors of the complete determinant (a11a22...ann)� an1 ant ���an,n-1 or, in words, y i is the quotient of the determinant obtained by erasing the i th column by that obtained by erasing the n th column, multiplied by (-r)i+n.
  • The i t " power of that appertaining to a x and b x multiplied by the j t " power of that appertaining to a x and c x multiplied by &c. If any two of the linear forms, say p x, qx, be supposed identical, any symbolic expression involving the factor (pq) is zero.
  • These images take the place of the coloured fragments of glass, and they are symmetrically multiplied by the mirrors.

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