Sentence Examples

  • Bloating... definitely; fatigue and cravings... well, she had been tired, but her appetite had decreased, not increased.
  • The output in 1881 was worth about 1/22,800,000, but by 1895 had decreased to 1,800,000, chiefly on account of the fall in the price of sulphur.
  • The value of French exports into Italy decreased immediately by one-half, while Italian exports to France decreased by nearly two-thirds.
  • During the years 1861 to 1892 the land owned by the nobles decreased 30%, or from 210,000,000 to 150,000,000 acres; during the following four years an additional 2,119,500 acres were sold; and since then the sales have gone on at an accelerated rate, until in 1903 alone close upon 2,000,000 acres passed out of their hands.
  • After the abolition of slavery, farms greatly decreased in size and increased in number; the number grew from 68,023 in 1870 to 220,803 in 1900; the average size fell from 369.7 acres in 1860 to 82.6 acres in 1900.

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