Sentence Examples

  • Our office received thousands of Internet generated reports from around the world, listing a myriad of up to date economic data.
  • The facility was funded in part by the city's recreation department, whose funds were, for the most part, generated from the highly profitable hot spring pool that operated year around at the edge of town.
  • (3) On Conoids and Spheroids (Peri konoeideon kai sphairoeideon) is a treatise in thirty-two propositions, on the solids generated by the revolution of the conic sections about their axes, the main results being the comparisons of the volume of any segment cut off by a plane with that of a cone having the same base and axis (Props.
  • If the flue pipe be carried up a considerable distance inside the apartment to be warmed before being turned into the external air, practically the whole of the heat generated will be utilized.
  • In., a portion of the steam generated in the boilers may be utilized for heating by the aid of a reducing valve.

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