Sentence Examples

  • 21, 22 for the paraboloid, 25, 26 for the hyperboloid, and 27-32 for the spheroid).
  • (7) On Floating Bodies (Peri okoumenon) is a treatise in two books, the first of which establishes the general principles of hydrostatics, and the second discusses with the greatest completeness the positions of rest and stability of a right segment of a paraboloid of revolution floating in a fluid.
  • The classical Cassegrain In the classical Cassegrain telescope, the primary mirror is paraboloid shaped.
  • The VHF antenna is a cylindrical paraboloid of dimension 40 x 120 meters, in four sections.
  • Music Video: View of Music School 's hyperbolic paraboloid roof, panning into Auditorium.

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