Sentence Examples

  • ZUy2BB0 Bll; reducing, when the liquid extends to infinity and B 3 =0, to = xA o' _ - zUy 2B o so that in the relative motion past the body, as when fixed in the current U parallel to xO, A 4)'=ZUx(I+Bo), 4)'= zUy2(I-B o) (6) Changing the origin from the centre to the focus of a prolate spheroid, then putting b 2 =pa, A = A'a, and proceeding to the limit where a = oo, we find for a paraboloid of revolution P B - p (7) B = 2p +A/' Bo p+A y2 i =p+A'- 2x, (8) p+?
  • With A' =0 over the surface of the paraboloid; and then' = ZU[y 2 - pJ (x2 + y2) + px ]; (9) =-2U p [1/ (x2 + y2)-x]; (io) 4, = - ZUp log [J(x2+y2)+x] (II) The relative path of a liquid particle is along a stream line 1,L'= 2Uc 2, a constant, (12) = /,2 3, 2 _ (y 2 _ C 2) 2 2 2 2' - C2 2 x 2p(y2 - c2) /' J(x2 +y 2)= py ` 2p(y2_c2)) (13) a C4; while the absolute path of a particle in space will be given by dy_ r - x _ y 2 - c2 dx_ - y - 2py y 2 - c 2 = a 2 e -x 1 46.
  • A rotifer may be regarded as typically a hemisphere or half an oblate spheroid or paraboloid with a mouth somewhere on the flat end ("disk" or "corona"), which bears a usually double ciliated ring, the outer zone the "cingulum," and inner the "trochus".
  • Foucault invented in 1857 the polarizer which bears his name, and in the succeeding year devised a method of giving to the speculum of reflecting telescopes the form of a spheroid or a paraboloid of revolution.
  • Showed that, if the large mirror were a segment of a paraboloid of revolution whose focus is F, and the small mirror an ellipsoid of revolution whose foci are F and P respectively, the resulting image will be plane and undistorted.