Sentence Examples

  • From his views on centrifugal force he deduced the oblate figure of the earth, estimating its compression, however, at little more than one-half its actual amount.
  • An experiment was devised by Lord Kelvin for demonstrating this, in which the difference of steadiness was shown of a copper shell filled with liquid and spun gyroscopically, according as the shell was slightly oblate or prolate.
  • An oblate flattened body, like a disk or plate, has c 2 -c 1 negative, so that the medium steers the body axially; this may be verified by a plate dropped in water, and a leaf or disk or rocket-stick or piece of paper falling in air.
  • (x2+3,2) If the ellipsoid is one of revolution round the major axis a (prolate) and of eccentricity e, then the above formula reduces to I I l og e (I +e) C - tae Whereas if it is an ellipsoid of revolution round the minor axis b (oblate), we have I sin - tae C2 - ae (9).
  • In the other extreme case the oblate spheroid becomes a circular disk when e = i, and then the capacity C2 = 2a17r.

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