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  • Granting that the geoid or mean surface of the ocean is a uniform spheroid, the distribution of land and water approximately indicates a division of the surface of the globe into two areas, one of elevation and one of depression.
  • Legendre, in 1783, extended Maclaurin's theorem concerning ellipsoids of revolution to the case of any spheroid of revolution where the attracted point, instead of being limited to the axis or equator, occupied any position in space; and Laplace, in his treatise Theorie du mouvement et de la figure elliptique des planetes (published in 1784), effected a still further generalization by proving, what had been suspected by Legendre, that the theorem was equally true for any confocal ellipsoids.
  • ZUy2BB0 Bll; reducing, when the liquid extends to infinity and B 3 =0, to = xA o' _ - zUy 2B o so that in the relative motion past the body, as when fixed in the current U parallel to xO, A 4)'=ZUx(I+Bo), 4)'= zUy2(I-B o) (6) Changing the origin from the centre to the focus of a prolate spheroid, then putting b 2 =pa, A = A'a, and proceeding to the limit where a = oo, we find for a paraboloid of revolution P B - p (7) B = 2p +A/' Bo p+A y2 i =p+A'- 2x, (8) p+?
  • Foucault invented in 1857 the polarizer which bears his name, and in the succeeding year devised a method of giving to the speculum of reflecting telescopes the form of a spheroid or a paraboloid of revolution.
  • Geographical latitude, which is used in mapping, is based on the supposition that the earth is an elliptic spheroid of known compression, and is the angle which the normal to this spheroid makes with the equator.

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