Sentence Examples

  • It can be obtained by the oxidation of uric acid by means of lead dioxide, manganese dioxide, ozone or potassium permanganate: C 5 H 4 N 4 O 3 + H 2 O + O = C 4 H 6 N 4 O 3 + C02.
  • Days were grouped according to the intensity of colouring of ozone papers, o representing no visible effect, and 14 the darkest colour reached.
  • Values of a+ and a_ answering to 12 and 13 on the ozone scale were both about double the corresponding values answering to o and 1 on that scale.
  • Ozone holes, CFCs, and global warming.
  • Scientists at USC San Diego, working with universities in Finland, Estonia, and the United Kingdom, have figured out the mechanism whereby a certain plant gene controls the amount of ozone entering the plant's leaves by opening and closing tiny pores known as stomata.

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