70 Space Puns You Are Sure to Gravitate Towards

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Updated August 9, 2021
space pun bloom where you're planet-ed
    space pun bloom where you're planet-ed
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Looking for some extraterrestrial humor? These space puns are just the ticket when you're looking for plays on words that are sure to send your friends and family into orbit (figuratively, of course!).

Short and Sweet Space Puns

Hit a home run out of the stands and into orbit with these snappy space puns that just might also be a tad bit corny. Each pun on this list has five words or less, so they should be easy puns for kids (and grown-ups) to remember.

  • Bloom where you're planet-ed.
  • Space rocks!
  • Don't trit-on me.
  • You rock-et my world.
  • Satte-lite the night.
  • Don't take things so siriusly.
  • Puns are so capricorn-y.
  • Her story was very nebula-s.
  • Hold on a moon-ute.
  • Gravi-tea keeps me grounded.
  • Come sky with me.
  • Sky me to the moon.
  • See you crater, space invader!

Longer Punny Space Statements

A few words aren't always sufficient to make a punny point. The hilariously humorous puns below are a bit longer than the ones above, but they're Earth the extra effort.

space pun all suited up
    space pun all suited up
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  • All suited up with no space to go.
  • You're really in the ozone today.
  • Don't proton to be someone you're not.
  • Quit your waning and phase already.
  • There's no mer-cur-y for what ails me.
  • I love you with all my heart and solar.
  • Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have deep rockets.
  • Heaven must have centaur from above.
  • Atmosphere puts a smile on my space.
  • I'm tired of doing Orion's share of the work.
  • Will you crater to my every whim?
  • I'm so tired, I'm about to calypso.
  • I'm at the end of my Europa.
  • This weather is so unpredictable! I feel like I'm on an emotional solar coaster.
  • It's oaky to sky, little sun.

Punny Space One-Liner Jokes

Looking to lighten the mood and get a few chuckles? As long as you can handle a few groans as well, try some of these punny jokes and riddles.

space pun finance a space ship
    space pun finance a space ship
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  • How can I finance a spaceship? By now, pay crater.
  • How does a planet put a dwarf planet to sleep? Rock-et.
  • What's the sun's favorite exercise? Solar cycle!
  • What did Earth say to Mercury? Chill down and get some life.
  • What did the galactic council say to the accused space invader? There's a rock-solid space against you.
  • How can you save money on your power bill? With a solar system.
  • What's an astronomer's favorite song? Amazing Space.
  • What did the alien say to the news reporter? No comet.
  • What do astronauts do to prepare for space travel? Take their vita-moons.
  • What did the astronaut say after safely returning home? I thank my lucky Mars.
  • What do you call a space Emporer? A Pluto-crat.
  • Why did the astronaut wake up in the middle of the night? She heard a big bang.
  • What did the celestial body say to the good-looking telescope? Hubble, hubble.
  • Why aren't there any gossipy astronauts? Because loose lips sink spaceships.
  • Why do some aliens work two jobs? Because they have to make ends meteor.
  • Why didn't the rocket scientist want to be interviewed on TV? She wants to keep a halo profile.
  • Where did the astrophysicist go to school? Rocket and hole high school.
  • How does a space alien write poetry? In uni-verse.
  • What do astronauts listen to on the space shuttle? Nep-tunes.
  • Where do astronomers spend their money? Star-bucks.
  • What do rocket scientists call their mid-day rest? A launch break.
  • What do aliens eat when they go on a diet? A sate-llite dish.
  • Why is that space rock so big? It's on asteroids.
  • Why don't vegetarians like asteroids? Because they're meteor.

Punny Space Questions and Answers

Not all puns in the form of a question are actual jokes or riddles, but they're still super-cute one-liners. Anyone who enjoys a good play on words is sure to go into orbit over these sayings.

space pun why is moon so bright
    space pun why is moon so bright
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  • Why is the moon so bright? It's going through a phase.
  • When do you think we'll be able to travel to the moon? Lunar or later.
  • Will people ever live in outer space? Who knows what the future has in star.
  • Did you see the space alien on The Voice? He can't carry a Nep-tune in a blanket of stars.
  • Do you want to walk on the moon? No, that's too much, too moon.
  • Are you dating a space alien? No, we have a Pluto-nic friendship.
  • Is the rocket scientist's discovery significant? Yes, it's earth-mattering.
  • Are you going to the beach? Yes, I want to catch some gamma rays.
  • Will you go by the dairy on the way home? Sure; it's on my Milky Way.
  • Did you fail the astronomy test? Yes, to my constellation.
  • Why didn't you put away your laundry? My closet is outer space.
  • Why did you go on a diet? I want to weight-less.
  • How much ice cream do you want? A Big Dipper.
  • Why did you fall off your skateboard? I lost ground control.
  • What's another term for a lit candle at night? Dark energy that burns.
  • Why does that French fry look so strange? It's an unidentified frying object.
  • Did you enjoy your day at the beach? I've seen better rays.
  • Did you learn anything at space camp? I'm sun the wiser.

Explore New Frontiers With Puns

Puns are known for being funny and corny, but these plays on words can also help enhance language arts skills. The ones above are packed with cool space and astronomy vocabulary words. If you want to continue exploring words associated with space, check out some brilliant star quotes.

Coming up with puns and deciphering ones that are shared with you requires thinking about all kinds of words in different ways. Set your sights on expanding your language horizons with even more examples of puns to explore. Start with fun science puns, then move on to other subjects. One thing's for sure; reviewing funny puns will never be a bore!