Funny Puns and Punny Jokes: 100+ Hilarious Examples

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Updated June 30, 2021
Funny duck bill pun
    Funny duck bill pun
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Puns are funny examples of wordplay — words that have either multiple meanings or sound like other words. They can cause giggles or groans, and once you start looking for them, you'll find them everywhere! Keep reading for funny puns and punny jokes that are sure to make you smile.

Funny Animal Puns

Puns involving animals are a-moose-ing! Take a look at these pun examples from the animal world.

Aquatic Animal Puns

The shallowest ponds and the deepest oceans are full of aquatic life — and they're also full of puns! Swim through these funny puns about animals that live in the water.

  1. Biologists have recently produced immortal frogs by removing their vocal cords. They can't croak.
  2. The best way to communicate with a fish is to drop them a line.
  3. On the surface of things, whales are always blowing it.
  4. The marine biology seminars weren't created for entertainment, but for educational porpoises.
  5. The fish are getting annoying with their octopus neighbor. He tentacles late at night.
  6. The tuna married the swordfish because he was such a catch.
  7. Marine mammals are simply otter this world.
  8. Crustaceans only think of themselves. They're so shellfish.
  9. This reef is the strongest part of the ocean because it has so many mussels.
  10. I can't tell if this fish is lying; she's being so koi.

Farm Animal Puns

Don't feel sheepish if you don't know many puns yet. Catch up with these udderly great farm animal puns.

  1. A horse is a very stable animal.
  2. If you hear it from the horse's mouth, you're listening to a neigh-sayer.
  3. After the horse ate all of his hay, he had a baleful look about him.
  4. One horse said to another, “Your pace is familiar, but I don't remember the mane.”
  5. The farmer bought a donkey because he thought he might get a kick out of it.
  6. The best way to stop a charging bull is to take away his credit card.
  7. It's no fun telling jokes to cattle; they've herd it all.
  8. Why was the goose jealous of the sheep? Her husband kept saying "I love ewe."
  9. The pig got out again, but don't worry — I tractor down.
  10. Why did the calf need to go to bed? Her mother told her it was pasture bedtime.

Puns About Cats and Dogs

The only thing people love more than cats and dogs are funny puns about them. You won't be kitten around when you tell these jokes to your pets!

  1. What do you get if you cross a setter and a pointer at Christmas time? You get a pointsetter.
  2. A cat ate some cheese and waited for a mouse with baited breath.
  3. If you throw a cat out a car window, does it become kitty litter?
  4. Don't trust a Great Dane to tell you the truth — all they have are tall tails.
  5. It's raining cats and dogs, so don't step in a poodle!
  6. Cats have a great sense of humor. They're a-mew-sed by hiss-terical jokes!
  7. My dog's not misbehaving on his walk; he's just renegotiating the terms of his leash.
  8. Losing your feline friend can be a cat-astrophe.
  9. Cats are wonderful friends because they have great purr-sonalities.
  10. Dogs are such good companions because they're so paw-sitive.

Puns About Insects

Bugs aren't just creepy and crawly — they're funny too. These funny puns about insects are super fly!

  1. Scientists have created a flea from scratch.
  2. Insects that make honey are always on their best beehive-iour.
  3. When a new hive is done, bees have a house-swarming party.
  4. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
  5. Two silk worms had a race. They ended up in a tie.
  6. It's hard to know which bug to vote for, but I'm choosing the lesser of two weevils.
  7. Spiders are great Internet consultants. They're always finding bugs in the web.
  8. What do you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot? A walkie-talkie.
  9. Why are people who carry bees considered good-looking? Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.
  10. Why do male ants float while female ants sink? They're buoy-ant.

Bird Puns

Ready to quack up? Tell these punny jokes about birds to your friends, family and neighborhood fowl.

  1. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion.
  2. The flock of doves decided to stage a coo.
  3. Peacocks are meticulous because they show attention to de-tail.
  4. The duck said to the bartender, “Put it on my bill.”
  5. It's amazing how eagles catch their prey; they must be really talon-ted.
  6. Birds are grouchy in the morning because their bills are over-dew.
  7. When a vulture flies, he takes carrion luggage.
  8. An angry bird landed on a doorknob. Then it flew off the handle.
  9. The chicken crossed the playground to get to the other slide.
  10. Nature reserves are an eagle-opportunity employer.

Puns About Other Animals

The whole zoo's here! See if your favorite animal is the source of a great pun.

  1. It's OK to watch an elephant bathe, as they usually have their trunks on.
  2. Don't get into business with a cheetah — cheetahs never prosper.
  3. A skunk fell in the river and stank to the bottom.
  4. An elephant's opinion carries a lot of weight.
  5. Don't trust that big cat; he's lion.
  6. Deer couples always spend time apart. It makes the heart grow fawn-der.
  7. Squirrels always remember where they hide their nuts because they use acorn-nyms.
  8. Giraffes aren't great comedians; their jokes always go over our heads.
  9. My pet bird fell in love with a light brown rodent. Her love is in-tan-gerbil.
  10. Marsupials always get the job because they have the best koala-ifications.

Funny Food Puns

There is always room for a good food pun. They’re likely to get a little cheesy, but you’ll definitely enjoy them.

  1. You ain’t got muffin on me.
  2. Just dill with it!
  3. He’s nacho poppa!
  4. Let’s taco ‘bout it!
  5. Do you want to ketchup?
  6. I donut know how I would live without you.
  7. I bet the butcher the other day that he couldn't reach the meat that was on the top shelf. He refused, saying that the steaks were too high.
  8. We love high-quality produce that's not too thick, so we won't settle for meaty-okra vegetables.
  9. Why was the clumsy farmer a great DJ? Because he was always dropping beets.
  10. The mushroom is always the hit of the party — he's a real fungi.

Funny Coffee Puns

If you aren’t laughing yet, then it’s about to get hot in here. Because there are a latte punny coffee jokes!

  1. I love you a latte.
  2. I want to espresso my love.
  3. Where you have bean all my life?
  4. What did the coffee tell his date? You're brew-tiful.
  5. Coffee beans have successful marriages because they keep each other grounded.
  6. You mocha me crazy.
  7. Hipsters always burn their tongues because they drink their coffee before it's cool.
  8. Coffee beans are always late; they're chronic pro-caffeinators.
  9. Why did the tea break up with her older coffee boyfriend? He was so cold and bitter.
  10. I wanted to order a new drink, but affogato what it's called.

Pizza Puns

Pizza puns are knead-to-know puns. How many ways can you think of using pizza in your punny jokes?

  1. You always have a pizza my heart!
  2. Enjoy your pizza while it lasts. It's here today, gone tomato.
  3. How do you avoid burning Hawaiian pizza? Cook it at aloha temperature.
  4. I don't like this pizza very much. There's mushroom for improvement.
  5. What is pizza's favorite play? The Slice-Man Cometh.
  6. Give pizza chance.
  7. I never sausage a beautiful pizza.
  8. I fall to pizzas when I'm without you.
  9. Pizza chefs work extra hard because they knead the dough.
  10. With pizza jokes, it's all in the delivery.

Medical Puns

Medicine is not a joking matter, but it is a little humerus. Enjoy a few other medical puns that might tickle your funny bone.

  1. What did the muscle say to the blood vessel? "You’re being a little vein.”
  2. What did the phlebotomist say to cheer up the patient? “B positive.”
  3. What did the leg say to the foot? “It’s going tibia k!”
  4. I was worried about my transplant surgery, but the surgeon really de-livered.
  5. What happens when you have a bladder infection? Urine trouble.
  6. Why can’t you lie to the x-ray tech? They can see right through you.
  7. I used to disapprove of organ transplants, but now I've had a change of heart.
  8. Why are legs hereditary? Because they run in your jeans.
  9. Why did the appendix get dressed up? Because she heard the doctor was taking her out tonight.
  10. Don't annoy a pediatrician. They have little patients.

Funny Puns for Music

Music can be a bit punny too, but it’s definitely an orchestrated effort. See how many music puns you know!

  1. You’re in treble now!
  2. To fix a large horn, you just need a tuba glue.
  3. You're a natural beauty. Thanks, you look sharp yourself.
  4. If you don't C sharp before crossing the street, you'll B flat.
  5. I’m here for you! Uke can do it!
  6. We play more than classical music in this orchestra. We think outside the Bachs.
  7. Why did the balloons run away from the concert? They were playing pop music!
  8. Orchestral music is inappropriate for children because it has so much sax and violins.
  9. Why can't guitars relax? Because they're so fretful.
  10. Why do pirates want to sing soprano? So they can live in the high C's.

Playing With Sound and Spelling

There aren't really any stand-alone, one-word puns, as they all need some kind of context to create the wordplay. However, in many cases, the pun is formed within the context by one simple word that sounds like a different word or has another meaning.

  • Homophonic puns substitute one word for a similar-sounding word. (For example: A good pun is its own reword.)
  • Homographic puns use a word that has two different meanings or substitutes a word with the same spelling but different meaning as the word for which it was substituted. (For example: Did you hear about the optometrist who fell into a lens grinder and made a spectacle of himself?)
  • Compound puns use a string of two or more words that sound similar to a string of different words. (For example: Where do you find giant snails? On the ends of giants' fingers.) Compound puns can also indicate a pun that uses two instances of wordplay (For example: What should you say to a melon couple? I know you canteloupe, but oh, honeydew!)

Learn more about the different types of puns to understand how to form your punny joke just right. It could be the difference between a chuckle and a guffaw!


Getting Punny

Whether your pun-ch line is one clever word or the entire sentence, the result leads to funny puns (and punny funs). You may not get a belly laugh for your efforts, but a good pun can go a long way to ease a tense or dull moment. Have even more fun with puns by laughing at these puns for kids.