43 Music Puns That'll Hit the Right Notes

Updated July 13, 2021
Girl playing triangle pun
    girl playing triangle pun
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A career in music requires passion, patience — and puns! Having a good sense of humor can jazz up any conversation about music, whether you're a teacher who loves classical, a bunny that dances to hip hop or a geologist who rocks out to metal. Keep reading for dozens of music puns that'll tickle your funny bone as well as the ivories.

Outstanding Orchestra and Choir Music Puns

There's a lot of humor to be found during orchestra and choir concerts! Check out these music puns that are sure to hit a chord.

  1. How do you make a bandstand? Take away their chairs.
  2. How do opera singers decorate their floors? With aria rugs.
  3. Who's most likely to be struck by lightning in an orchestra? The conductor.
  4. Why aren't orchestras considered minimalist? Too many bells and whistles.
  5. Why are triangle players so stressed out? They're responsible for every ting.
  6. Why shouldn't you invite orchestra members to a formal dinner? Because they can't conduct themselves properly.
  7. Why aren't the flute players allowed to edit the woodwinds document? Because it's reed-only.
  8. Why was the lead soprano a terrible roommate? She could never find the key and she always came in at the wrong time.
  9. Why did the waitress bring a group of musicians to the whale with the milkshake? Because he asked for an orca-straw.
  10. Which musicians are the most relaxed teachers? Trombone players, because they let everything slide.
  11. What do you call it when an orchestra thinks they're better than they really are? Delusions of band-eur.
  12. Why can't you get singers to listen to you? They answer to a choir authority.
  13. Why shouldn't you play drums in front of a very attractive person? Because it's not polite to snare.
  14. Why was the tuba player upset? People kept making off-bass comments.
  15. Why do choirs like to perform what they write? They prefer to sing their own phrases.
  16. What are choir robes made out of? Choral fiber.
  17. What do you call a piccolo that's on sale? A cheap trill.

Merry Music Theory Puns

Songwriters spend their lives composing and their afterlives decomposing! See how many music theory puns will make you go for Baroque.

  1. Why can't middle C, E-flat and G order a drink? Because the bar doesn't serve minors.
  2. What happens when you drop a piano down a mining shaft? You get A flat minor.
  3. My Bizet husband can't Handel Chopin alone. I sent him with a Liszt Haydn in his pocket, but he still had to go Bach! It caused so much Strauss.
  4. What happens when you tell a piano your secrets? It becomes Mendlesohm.
  5. Why did I break up with the key of A flat? Because he would never B natural.
  6. What do you call the Baroque musician who spends 75% of his time playing football? A quarter-Bach.
  7. What tempo makes limbs reappear? Allegro.
  8. Why did middle C need a lawyer? She got in treble and was under a rest.
  9. What do you call it when you plagiarize sheet music? Taking notes.
  10. What's the difference between a good doctor and a heavy bassline? One cures your maladies and the other obscures your melodies.
  11. Why are people who are afraid of getting injections great at playing their instruments in tune? They're used to avoiding sharps.
  12. What do you call classical music that is not bound together? A loose canon.
  13. Why did the trumpet player struggle to learn the piano? Because piano wasn't his forte.
  14. Why did the music teacher get so mad at his student? Because she committed A major error.
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    goldfish in aquarium pun
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More Amusing Music Puns

Band ahoy! Sometimes a silly music pun is all you need to beat a bad day.

  1. An instrument maker tried to create smaller frets for string instruments. I reported him for making violin frets.
  2. Why is the fish always first chair? Because he knows his scales.
  3. What rock group never sings? Mount Rushmore.
  4. Why shouldn't you trust string instruments? They can be lyres.
  5. Why did the jazz musician keep touching the colorful paintings? He was feeling the blues.
  6. Why do celebrity pianos spend their vacations on the first floor? They prefer to keep it low-key.
  7. Did you hear about the sax player who plays with his feet? He's alto.
  8. Why doesn't the teacher let students in detention turn away from orchestral concerts? Because it's time to face the music.
  9. Why are electric guitar players the nicest members of a rock band? They always practice random axe of kindness.
  10. What happened to the musicians who misbehaved at the concert? They're band for life.
  11. What do you call it when you throw a woodwind instrument over a family of birds? One flute over the cuckoo's nest.
  12. Why do thieves always rob instrument stores? They want the lute.

Don't Turn Your Bach on Puns

They may be corny, but these puns can be music to your ears! Tell these puns to the musicians in your life as a cymbal of love. For more punny jokes in different fields, check out 75 birthday puns that are perfect for any age. Or, check out 80 book puns for those musicians who like reading novels as well as sheet music.