80 Book Puns You'll Want to Read More Than Once

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Updated July 29, 2021
book pun best plot
    book pun best plot
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Whether you're a book lover or a fan of puns overall (or maybe a little of both!), you're sure to get a kick out of this long list of book puns. Both funny and corny, these silly puns are ones you're sure to want to read over and over again!

Short Book Puns Just for Fun

These book puns are sure to bring a smile to the face of pretty much anyone, especially those who enjoy a good read. Puns are known for being corny though, so don't be surprised if you elicit a few moans and groans in addition to chuckles.

  • Book me with your best plot.
  • A good book really hits the plot.
  • Little books try harder.
  • It's a story, story night.
  • I'm a read demon.
  • Books provide food for plot.
  • When I read, I feel free as a word.
  • Reading this book is a write of passage.
  • After school, I go directly to tale.
  • Tale male is another name for media mail.
  • You can book-mark my words.
  • Ain't no bookshelf wide enough ...
  • I never met a book I didn't like.
  • Book on tape? Crank up the volume!
  • All booked up and nowhere to go.
  • Don't go booking my heart.
  • What's in bookstore for me today?
  • Not all books are created sequel.
  • This story leaves a plot to be desired.
  • Check out the latest edition to my collection!
  • Was it something I read?

Punny Book Jokes and One-Liners

Do you like one-liner jokes and riddles? These punny short jokes about books are sure to elicit a giggle or two, as well as some eye rolls and/or moans. Either way, you'll make an impression!

book pun bookworm exercise
    book pun bookworm exercise
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  • What is a bookworm's favorite form of exercise? Yoga proses.
  • Why do you enjoy romance novels? I like to book on the bright side.
  • Where do you like to stay on vacation? At a read and breakfast.
  • What did the patron ask the library book? Can I check you out?
  • Are you busy this weekend? I'm fully booked.
  • What does a bookworm eat for breakfast? Synonym rolls.
  • What's on your bucket list? I hope to go out in a blaze of story.
  • What did the customer say to the book store? I've got the brains, you've got the books. Let me spend lots of money.
  • Do you like the book you're reading? It has prose and cons.
  • Need to take a break from reading? Go out and dance the write away.
  • How did you read that book so quickly? One page at a time.
  • What do you call it when a bookworm daydreams? Writes of fancy.
  • Why don't bookworms like to leave home? They're afraid of foreshadowing.
  • What did the bookworm say to the massage therapist? I'm feeling a little past tense.
  • What did you think of the award-winning poem? I didn't like it. It's a rhyme against nature.

Library Puns to Check Out

If you love books, chances are you're also a fan of libraries. Not only do libraries provide access to a treasure trove of books, but they also offer great subject matter for book puns for kids and adults alike.

book pun librarians
    book pun librarians
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  • Librarians work behind prosed doors.
  • The (reference) book stops here!
  • Library cards help you get more bang for your book.
  • Don't make me fine you.
  • The shelf is stacked against you.
  • What did the alien librarian say? Take me to your reader.
  • What did the librarian say to the noisy patron? You should be seen but not word.
  • You will pay no fine if you return on time.
  • Don't overdue it with your library card.
  • When does the library open? Write and early!
  • What's a librarian's favorite fruit? Li-berries!
  • What's another name for a library clerk? Write attendant.
  • How do librarians clock out from work? They go off the books.
  • How many books do you plan to check out? That information is read to know only.

Author Puns to Write Home About

Any complete list of puns about books would have to include a few humorous sayings that refer to authors. After all, if there were no authors, there would be no books of any type or genre.

book pun hard days write
    book pun hard days write
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  • It's been a hard day's write.
  • My goal? To keep writing the good write.
  • Baby I was born to tale.
  • My editor has me on a wrote leash.
  • Editors have the burden of proofreading.
  • What's an author's favorite time of day? The dead of write.
  • The playwright was plot in the act.
  • The poet was plot pen-handed.
  • What kind of pens do authors like best? Ones that are as write as a feather.
  • Where is your ideal author's retreat? Wuthering writes.
  • Where do you do your writing? In plain write.
  • How can you tell that you have writer's block? When I have a hard day's write.
  • When did you know you wanted to be an author? It was love at first write.
  • Was it difficult to become a published author? It was a long and binding road.
  • Are you getting tired of writing books? Not in the writest.
  • What would you say to encourage aspiring authors? Make yourself word.
  • How is your new book progressing? It's smooth tale-ing.
  • How close are you to completing your next book? It'll be finished in the ink of an eye.
  • The work of ghostwriters is plot and paid for.
  • What did the editor say to the author who plagiarized.? Chase your own tale!

Literary Puns With Author's Names

The cool thing about puns is that you can come up with them for just about every topic. Check out these catchy puns based on the names of well-known authors.

  • Like a J.K. Rowling stone.
  • Judy Blume where you're planted.
  • Don't Shakespeare into anyone's window.
  • Ernest Hemingway or the highway.
  • Anton Chekov items on your to-do list.
  • Robert Burns-ing down the house.
  • Jack London bridge is falling down.
  • We didn't Bram Stoker the fire.
  • Life is like a box of Walt Whitman's chocolates.
  • There's a lot of Thomas Gray area.

Share Your Favorite Book Puns

Did you chuckle when you read these literary puns and one-liners? Then you'll probably love to read a bunch of Harry Potter puns! But don't keep the humor all to yourself. Use these book puns for Instagram captions, as well as for other social media posts. Of course, they're also great to include in cards, notes or even in conversations. Puns like these can make great icebreakers for groups, especially if you're attending a gathering of others who enjoy chatting about books. Of course, not all puns are related to books. For even more ideas, check out (pun intended!) even more examples of puns.