Sentence Examples

  • The change that is required to transform Exopterygota into Endopterygota is merely that a cell of hypodeimis should proliferate inwards instead of outwards, or that a minute hypodermal evaginated bud should be forced to the interior of the body by the pressure of a contracted cuticle.
  • As any obstruction to the outflow of the contents throws an increased amount of work on the walls, in order to overcome the resistance, the intermittent strain, acting on the muscle cells, stimulates them to enlarge and proliferate, fig.
  • The epithelial cells are then able to pass from their normal position, in consequence of which they proliferate and at the same time revert to a more primitive type of cell.
  • These invaginated cells are the archenteron; they proliferate and give off branching cells, which apply themselves (fig.
  • Indeed, the references to Macbeth also proliferate in The Queen's Exchange.

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