Sentence Examples

  • - Poisonous Mushroom (Agaricus fastibilis).
  • Many edible fungi depend upon minute and often obscure botanical characters for their determination, and may readily be confounded with worthless or poisonous species; but that is not the case with the common mushroom, for, although several other species of Agaricus somewhat closely approach it in form and colour, yet the true mushroom, if sound and freshly gathered, may be distinguished from all other fungi with great ease.
  • A species, described by Berkeley and Broome as distinct from both the pasture mushroom and horse mushroom, has been published under the name of A.
  • The amanitas include some of the most showy representatives of the Agaricineae or mushroom order of fungi.
  • Fresh manure should be avoided, but the remains from an old hot-bed or mushroom bed may be incorporated.

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