Sentence Examples

  • By Brewster's law (see Polarization of light) this angle in the case of regular reflection from a plate is less than a right angle; so that not only is the law of polarization for a very small particle different from that applicable to a plate, but the first effect of an increase of size is to augment the difference.
  • Play in a fashion that should mightily augment the home-grown supplies of food, remained intractable, and the extent of land devoted to the cultivation of corn crops, instead of expanding, diminished in a marked degree.
  • Sao Paulo is partly covered by open cameos, and these also serve to augment the maximum temperature.
  • Notwithstanding this the expenses continued to augment, and the government had recourse to the reprehensible measure of altering the money standard, and the whole monetary system was soon thrown into the greatest confusion.
  • The plan decided upon was secretly to augment the force already at Anzac by about a division and a half, and, with the force thus augmented, to secure possession of Sari Bair by a night-attack.

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