Sentence Examples

  • The Latin Lives of St Olaf, Odd's in Latin (c. 1175), compiled from original authorities, and the Legendary Life, by another monk whose name is lost, are of the medieval Latin school of Sa mund to which Gunn]aug belonged.
  • - -)Engelso In order that these conditions may obtain, the quantities in the brackets must be zero, since the factor aug is not zero.
  • The vessels got clear of the ice, and proceeded early in Aug., passed through the Kara Sea without encountering ice, and reached Archangel in Sept.
  • Aug.; on coins see articles in Numism.
  • By the compact of Zborow (Aug 21, 1649) Chmielnicki was recognized as hetman of the Zaporozhians, whose registered number was now raised from 6000 to 40,000; a general amnesty was also granted, and it was agreed that all official dignities in the Orthodox palatinates of Lithuania should henceforth be held solely by the Orthodox gentry.

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