Sentence Examples

  • In 1815 he represented him at the congress of Vienna, and succeeded in obtaining for the Netherlands a considerable augmentation of territory.
  • These results are for the centre deflections of main girders, but Stone infers that the augmentation of stress for any member, due to causes included in impact allowance, will be the same percentage for the same ratios of live to dead load stresses.
  • A diminution of X thus leads to a simple proportional shrinkage of the diffraction pattern, attended by an augmentation of brilliancy in proportion to A-2.
  • The Intercalary Month Of Twenty Three Days Fell Into The Year Of Course, So That The Ancient Year Of 355 Days Received An Augmentation Of Ninety Days; And The Year On That Occasion Contained In All 445 Days.
  • The close of the early Carboniferous period was marked by an augmentation of the orogenic movements.

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