Positive Words That Start With E

Updated July 19, 2022
Brain and Heart Icons With Positive Words Start With E
    Brain and Heart Icons With Positive Words Start With E
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When you think of positive words, you might not think of the letter E. Well, you can find some electrifying and enchanting positive words that start with E. Dive into a list of positive E words along with some fun sentences using them.


Positive E Words With Fewer Than 7 Letters

Every day, our speech and writing are chock full of positive and negative connotations. So, why not focus on the positivity and sprinkle a little elan wherever you go? When we redirect our minds to positive things, our lives will take an enchanting turn for the better. Together, let’s start the journey with an electrifying list of positive words that start with E.




eager (adj.)

ready and impatient to do something

fervent, yearning, zealous

easily (adv.)

without difficulty

readily, simply, handily

ecstasy (n.)

a feeling of intense joy

bliss, delight, euphoria

elan (n.)

energy, style, or enthusiasm

spirit, verve, ardor

elation (n.)

extreme happiness

euphoria, delight, rapture

elegant (adj.)

someone or something luxuriant

attractive, beautiful, chic

elevate (v.)

to lift up

hoist, heave, tilt

embrace (v.)

to hold tightly in one's arms

hug, enfold, grip

emerge (v.)

to come out

burgeon, surface, arise

emotive (adj.)

someone or something with the ability to express emotions

affective, emotional, impassioned

empathy (n.)

the ability to understand someone else’s thoughts, feelings, or emotions

care, compassion, understanding

empower (v.)

to give someone the authority to do something

allow, authorize, commission

enable (v.)

to make possible

activate, capacitate, empower

enchant (v.)

to delight, mesmerize

captivate, enchant, fascinate

endorse (v.)

to support, authorize

advocate, affirm, approve

enhance (v.)

to improve, embellish

amplify, augment, magnify

enjoy (v.)

to have the benefit or use of

relish, savor, appreciate

enliven (v.)

to inspire, vitalize

animate, brighten, cheer

enrich (v.)

to improve, embellish

adorn, beautify, embellish

ethical (adj.)

moral or conforming to standards of conduct

aboveboard, conscientious, virtuous


Positive E Words With More Than 7 Letters

Positive words have a place in our personal and professional correspondence. Many positive words with E will do well in your resume or cover letter, like “effervescent hostess” or “emotive salesperson.” But, you can include them in a personal message to a friend or loved one. Need a bit more inspiration? Try out these longer positive words beginning with E.




easygoing (adj.)

someone or something that is relaxed

calm, carefree, relaxed

ebullient (adj.)

someone in high spirits

bouncy, bubbly, effervescent

economical (adj.)

something cost-effective that is of good value

cost-effective, penurious, practical

effective (adj.)

producing a result

able, active, vigorous

effervescence (n.)

vivacity and enthusiasm

liveliness, animation, ebullience

efficacious (adj.)

someone or something that successfully produces a desired result

potent, powerful, useful

efficient (adj.)

being productive with minimal effort

able, adept, competent

effortless (adj.)

making, requiring, or showing virtually no effort

easy, facile, graceful

electrify (v.)

to thrill; stimulate

amaze, amplify, astonish

eloquent (adj.)

having a way with words

expressive, impassioned, oratorical

emancipate (v.)

to set free

free, liberate, loose

embellish (v.)

to make beautiful

adorn, beautify, bedeck

eminently (adv.)

to a great degree

notably, suitably, exceptionally

enamored (adj.)

to be in love

attracted, captivated, smitten

encourage (v.)

to give support

help, aid, foster

endearing (adj.)

someone or something that inspires love and affection

affectionate, engaging, lovable

endeavor (n.)

an attempt to achieve something

effort, attempt, try

endowment (n.)

a gift of money, talent, or some other asset

bounty, donation, dowry

energetic (adj.)

full of life

active, charged, vivacious

engaging (adj.)

something interesting or fascinating

attractive, captivating, fascinating

enjoy (v.)

to have the benefit or use of

relish, savor, appreciate

enliven (v.)

to inspire, vitalize

animate, brighten, cheer

enrapture (v.)

to captivate

captivate, charm, delight

entertaining (adj.)

interesting and pleasurable

fun, engaging, delightful

enthrall (v.)

to captivate

absorb, captivate, charm

enthusiast (n.)

a person who is excited about something

admirer, aficionado, supporter

equality (n.)

the condition of being the same

agreement, balance, impartiality

ethereal (adj.)

someone or something that is heavenly

airy, celestial, delicate

euphoria (n.)

extreme happiness

bliss, ecstasy, jubilation

excellent (adj.)

someone or something of high quality

first-rate, magnificent, superb

exceptional (adj.)

above average in quality or degree

choice, extraordinary, unparalleled

exciting (adj.)

someone or something that produces thrilling feelings or emotions

breathtaking, dazzling, exhilarating


10 Example Sentences Using E-Words

Now that you have a few exciting, positive words to enjoy. Here are 10 positive E-words hard at work in sentence form.

  1. His easygoing personality was easy to love.
  2. My ebullient response to his surprise made him smile.
  3. Our latest hire is turning out to be highly efficacious and productive.
  4. With great elan, he presented the prize money to this year’s winner.
  5. His daughter’s elation went through the roof when she saw the new trampoline.
  6. We should try to elevate others with our positive words.
  7. This preacher knows how to enliven his congregation.
  8. Tonight was an entertaining evening, full of great conversation and moonlit strolls.
  9. The author’s open mic night had everyone in the audience enraptured.
  10. He really knew how to enthrall his audience.
  11. This macaroni and cheese is exceptional!

New E-Words for the Grammar Enthusiast!

Emancipate and embellish your vocabulary today with entertaining word lists like this. Of course, the best way to improve your grammar and grow your vocabulary is through reading. But, from time to time, it’s nice to scan word lists to see if any new words catch your eye.

Why not continue the E-journey with this list of nouns that start with E? And while you’re at it, continue with this list of verbs that start with E. Then, broaden your horizons with even more words that start with E. We hope you enjoy enlivening your vocabulary with all kinds of new wonders!