Sentence Examples

  • This voyage was eminently successful.
  • It was pre-eminently the period of exultation in ancient Jewish rite, and the Mishnah declares that "He who has not seen the jcy of the libations of Tabernacles has never in his life witnessed joy."
  • So eminently respectable a person as John Evelyn thought no harm in bowling for stakes, and once played at the Durdans, near Epsom, for £io, winning match and money, as he triumphantly notes in his Diary for the 14th of August 1657.
  • To the later generations David was pre-eminently the Psalmist and the founder of the Temple service.
  • The treaty of Campo Formio, signed on the 17th of October 1797, was therefore pre-eminently the work of Bonaparte.