Sentence Examples

  • The icicles are prison bars on our windows, trapping us, prisoners to this life of sin and degradation, giving miners a few minutes of pleasure for the pittance of coins it takes them weeks to earn in the bowels of the earth, performing unspeakable labors for the wealth of others.
  • I am bone-weary of the degradation, of wearing my false coquettish smile, pretending love, until they spill themselves within me.
  • The adjutant told them that the affair was likely to take a very bad turn: that a court-martial had been appointed, and that in view of the severity with which marauding and insubordination were now regarded, degradation to the ranks would be the best that could be hoped for.
  • Bromadiolone is readily adsorbed on soil, rich in clay and organic compounds, with no leaching; degradation in soil is significant.
  • Specifically degradation mechanisms and inhibition of degradation in archeological Baltic amber 2b.

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