Sentence Examples

  • The "award-winning" pots for the Amazonia Preciosa face products are 100 percent biodegradable flasks with no chemical ingredients in their composition, and once discarded degrade naturally in eight months.
  • Hang items like bras and other stretchy garments on a line to dry, as the heat of the dryer causes the elastic to degrade and wear out faster, and the item needs to be replaced more frequently.
  • Buying a vintage ring is a great way to get old-fashioned, high-quality craftsmanship, but time and wear can loosen prongs and degrade the condition of the setting.
  • The downside to tiles with decals is that the decal may eventually degrade - either discolor, bubble, crack or peel - due to cleaning, water and the heat of the kitchen.
  • Gold. Gold is also used to make body jewelry but should not be used for the initial piercing since body fluids from the healing process can degrade the medal and create an infection.