Sentence Examples

  • - During the 18th century the doctrine of the Inward Light acquired such exclusive prominence as to bring about a tendency to disparage, or, at least, to neglect, the written word (the Scriptures) as being " outward " and non-essential.
  • He was vicepresident of the United States from 1845 to 1849, but the appointment of Buchanan as secretary of state at once shut him off from all hope of party patronage or influence in the Polk administration, and he came to be looked upon as the leader of that body of conservative Democrats of the North, who, while they themselves chafed at the domination of southern leaders, were disposed to disparage all anti-slavery agitation.
  • Readers of a later time, who could compare his work with the finished works of the Augustan age, would certainly disparage his art rather than his power.
  • The employments, which recommend or disparage them in men's notions, or from national policy, "which nowhere leaves things at perfect liberty."
  • The fault of the opposite school, on the other hand, is to disparage interpretation and to regard correction as the proper field of a scholar and gentleman.

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