Sentence Examples

  • This theory has advanced from the position of a disparaged heresy to acceptance by leading thinkers.
  • The advent of the Reformation brought in critical methods, and the book was unjustly disparaged as a mere Christian forgery for nearly four centuries.
  • Although Amasis thus appears first as champion of the disparaged native, he had the good sense to cultivate the friendship of the Greek world, and brought Egypt into closer touch with it than ever before.
  • She showed great forbearance and generosity towards the duchess of Marlborough in the face of unexampled provocation, and her character was unduly disparaged by the latter, who with her violent and coarse nature could not understand the queen's self-restraint in sorrow, and describes her as "very hard" and as "not apt to cry."
  • Bacon has frequently been disparaged on the ground that his name is not mentioned by Sir Isaac Newton.