Sentence Examples

  • He minimized the situation and thanked us for the excitement we'd given to the start of his retirement.
  • It can be minimized by making the mixing as rapid as possible, and by using a large calorimeter, so that the excess of temperature is always small.
  • Hamilton stigmatized his great opponent as a political fanatic; but actualist as he claimed to be, 9 Hamilton could not see, or would not concede, the predominating forces in American life, and would uncompromisingly have minimized the two great political conquests of the colonial period - local selfgovernment and democracy.
  • He was dressed again all in black, a color that should have minimized his size but just amplified how ripped he was beneath the clothing.
  • This is the so-called c narion, or pineal gland, where in a minimized point the mind on one hand and the vital spirits on the other meet and communicate.