Sentence Examples

  • Reinsurance Group is also responsible for developing specialized software packages that allow its client companies to respond to the consumers' demand for speedy service, including underwriting decisions made in a timely manner.
  • When there is high risk on either one particular insurance plan, or when there are several plans with high risk, you are probably going to either need to be reinsured or your insurance company will need to purchase reinsurance.
  • Many large-scale employers opt for reinsurance policies in addition to their regular insurance policies due to the sheer number of people they employ and the potential that at least one or more may need reinsurance benefits.
  • General Electric would retain about 10 percent of the organization's stock, but the company had to give up complete control and no longer was able to use the name GE Employers Reinsurance to describe their holdings.
  • If you're looking for information on GE Employers Reinsurance, you may be surprised to know that this organization, which was under the umbrella of the General Electric Company, has not been in operation since 2005.