Sentence Examples

  • Nor must it be forgotten that, in the eyes of contemporaries, the scene at Venice had none of that humiliating character which later historians have attributed to it.
  • The humiliating secret treaty concluded between Austria-Hungary and Serbia in 1881 had specially pledged the latter to repress any nationalist agitation against the Dual Monarchy, even in respect of that Bosnia for which Serbia had risked her existence four years earlier.
  • 1-8) and ignored the humiliating payment of tribute by this king and by Joash (2 Kings xii.
  • Irene took alarm, sued for peace, and obtained a truce for three years, but only on the humiliating terms of paying an annual 2 The first citizens of Medina who embraced Islam were called Ansar ("helpers").
  • After seven years of exclusion, he once more sought admission, and, on passing through a humiliating penance.

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