English to Polish Language Translation Basics

Updated March 2, 2020
How are you? in Polish language
    How are you? in Polish language
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Learning how to speak Polish isn’t an easy task. Thankfully, there are many free and paid resources that can help you to translate words from English to Polish. To get you started, learn common phrases translated from English to Polish.

Translating Words From English to the Polish Language

If you’re having a hard time grasping the actual phonetic differences of translating words from English to the Polish language, it can be helpful to view a few English phrases in Polish. Common phrases that you might see often like “hello,” “goodbye,” “please” and “thank you” are a great place to start.

View examples of basic English words and phrases in Polish:

  • Hi - Czesc
  • Please - Prosze
  • Goodbye - Do widzenia
  • Good night - Dobranoc
  • Yes - Tak
  • No - Nie
  • Maybe - Moze
  • Thank you - Dziekuje
  • I’m very sorry - Bardzo mi przykro
  • Excuse me - Przepraszam
  • Good day - Dzien dobry
  • Good evening - Dobry wieczor
  • What’s your name? - Jak sie nazywasz?
  • Nice to meet you - Milo mi ciebie poznac
  • How are you? - Jak sie masz?
  • You’re welcome - Nie ma za co
  • Okay - Dobrze
  • What time is it? - Ktora jest godzina?
  • Where is the restroom? - Gdzie jest toaleta?
  • Wait a moment - Poczekaj chwile
  • Help - Pomocy
  • See you later - Do zobaczenia
  • I’m fine - W porzadku
  • Please wait - Prosze chwile poczekac
  • My name is … - Nazywam się …

Translation Resources for English to Polish

Since it would be impossible to cover all the phrases you might need, there are a number of translation resources available that don’t charge for their services. The only problem with these free translation sites is the translations they provide are computer generated and, though often correct, they are also purely literal word-for-word translations. This means they might not make any allowance for the grammatical rules or nuances of the desired language.

Free Translation Services & Tools

There are a number of free translation services that provide credible translations:

  • Omniglot offers lists of free translations and access to videos of native speakers.
  • Poltran.com is a translation tool that boasts over 600,000 words.
  • The Translation Guide.com provides useful guides and software dedicated to translating any language.

Get a Translation Dictionary

Another option for translating words from English to the Polish language is to obtain an English-to-Polish translation dictionary.

This is a direct lookup, almost the same as you would receive from any translation website. However, there are often notes provided in subheadings that can point you toward the correct usage for the terminology you’re looking up. This can help you avoid humiliation and confusion from using words out of context.

Hire a Professional

To ensure you get a reliable translation (and possible education on how to speak fluent Polish), you may consider hiring a professional polyglot. Polyglots are people who are fluent in multiple languages. Hiring one of these individuals to help you through your language barrier is, in most cases, your best and most reliable option. Undoubtedly, though, it’s the most expensive option as well.


Polish Language Facts

Spoken by about 40 million people worldwide, the Polish language is a Slavonic language group that is closely tied to Czech, Slovak and Sorbian languages. It uses the Roman alphabet and includes words borrowed from German, Latin and even English. Within the language itself, you’ll find both fixed stress accents and nasalized vowels.

If you learn enough to become fluent in Polish, learning the differences in Czech and Slovak will come almost naturally to you, making you a polyglot of the Slavonic languages.

Learning the Polish Language

Do you need to learn Polish for a job? Are you just interested in the language? Starting with translations of common English words and moving on to harder ones can be a great stepping stone. Once you’ve mastered Polish, you might want to check out Egyptian language translations. Not only does it use script writing, but it is also one of the oldest languages out there.