78 Adjectives That Start With “E”

Updated August 16, 2022
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    Adjectives That Start with E
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“E” is the most common letter in the English language. Try to think of a sentence without using the letter “E.” It’s easier said than done! But you don’t need to deprive yourself. It’s one of the most exquisite, enticing, and exciting letters you’ll ever find with an excellent array of adjectives, which are descriptive words for people, places, and things.

Positive Adjectives That Start With “E”

If you’re having trouble staying positive lately, maybe some “E” adjectives can give you the boost that you need. Positive adjectives that start with “E” give you all the words to describe your enthusiastic friends and enjoyable moments, hopefully helping you to feel exquisite along the way.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
eager pleasantly expectant enthusiastic, hankering, ambitious
earnest honest and sincere ardent, heartfelt, impassioned
easy-going flexible, relaxed carefree, happy-go-lucky, laid-back
ebullient bubbling with excitement effervescent, elated, buoyant
effervescent vivacious and enthusiastic lively, spirited, lighthearted
efficacious capable of producing a desired effect effective, constructive, productive
elated extremely happy exhilarated, delighted, joyous
electric brilliant and vivid thrilling, exciting, invigorating
elegant graceful and poised stylish, refined, sophisticated
eloquent well-spoken, persuasive in writing or speaking expressive, articulate, fluent
emboldened confident for an upcoming task determined, reassured, hopeful
empathetic having the ability to share in and understand someone else’s feelings compassionate, understanding,
enchanting delightful and attractive alluring, fascinating, beguiling
encouraging supportive, giving someone confidence; giving hope for future success hopeful, promising,
endearing cute and lovable charming, adorable, captivating
engaging charming and attractive alluring, captivating, intriguing
enjoyable fun and amusing pleasing, pleasurable, delightful
entertaining providing fun or amusement absorbing, compelling, engrossing
enthusiastic excited to do something eager, exuberant, ardent
entrancing very charming and interesting fascinating, winsome, enticing
ethereal like an angel; heavenly celestial, sublime, delicate
excellent very good wonderful, magnificent, first-rate
exceptional better than anything similar extraordinary, outstanding, marvelous
exciting causing one to be eager or interested intriguing, interesting, stimulating
exquisite wonderful; nearly perfect impeccable, superb, splendid

Negative Adjectives That Start With “E”

Some things and moments deserve a little negativity. “E” adjectives offer an expansive range of words in the negative spectrum, giving you plenty of ways to describe exploitative work, exhausting people, or evil demons.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
eerie strange or frightening bizarre, creepy, mysterious
edgy irritable or overly tense uneasy, restless, nervous
egomaniacal characteristic of someone who believes themselves to be important egotistic, conceited, self-centered
egotistical self-centered self-absorbed, selfish, pompous
egregious remarkably bad deplorable, nefarious, heinous
eldritch sinister and strange eerie, ghostly, spooky
emaciated abnormally thin, especially as a result of illness or malnourishment gaunt, undernourished, atrophied
embarrassing characterized by humiliation or shame distressing, humiliating, upsetting
embittered angry or resentful about past events irritated, spiteful, rancorous
entropic losing structure or falling apart chaotic, disorderly
envious jealous, desiring what others gave resentful, covetous, begrudging
errant mistaken or off-course deviant, meandering, aberrant
estranged alienated; separated from a family or friend disaffected, alone
evasive not truthful deceitful, deceptive, tricky
evil without kindness or mercy; intending to do harm sinful, immoral, malevolent
exasperating intensely frustrating or irritating bothersome, aggravating, annoying
excessive more than is needed or wanted overdone, inordinate, redundant
excruciating unbearably painful torturous, agonizing, unbearable
exhausting very tiring or wearisome draining, taxing, tiresome
expensive costly; high-priced overpriced, costly, exorbitant
exploitative taking advantage of others corrupt, deceitful, underhanded
explosive violently angry or hostile volatile, dangerous, hazardous
extraneous unneeded, irrelevant irrelevant, superfluous, nonessential

Neutral Adjectives That Start With “E”

Most things in life aren’t positive or negative. They simply exist, but they still deserve all the exceptional adjectives that “E” has to offer. Neutral “E” adjectives give you the perfect words to describe endemic life, elusive animals, and elaborate plans.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
earth-shattering hugely important, momentous crucial, meaningful, notable
eccentric unconventional, slightly strange curious, offbeat, idiosyncratic
eclectic deriving ideas, taste, or style from various sources comprehensive, diverse, varied
egalitarian fair to all people democratic, impartial, unbiased
elaborate very thorough and detailed intricate, complex, sophisticated
elegiac something that’s haunting and mournful lamenting, funereal, melancholy
elephantine massive; resembling an elephant huge, enormous, mammoth
eligible having the ability to do something qualified, suitable, acceptable
elusive hard to find or catch evasive, fleeting, slippery
eminent high in station or rank; conspicuous prominent, distinguished, illustrious
empirical provable or verifiable by experience; derived from or guided by experience or experiment observational, factual, practical
enamored in love with or very fond of something captivated, attracted, fascinated
endemic characteristic of or natural to a specific place native, indigenous, local
endogenous having an internal cause or origin interior, inlying
engrossing extremely interesting and attention-grabbing absorbing, enthralling, captivating
enterprising easily making money or finding opportunities resourceful, ambitious, industrious
eponymous named after someone or something titular, nominative
esoteric known only by some obscure, abstruse, arcane
exhaustive fully comprehensive all-inclusive, thorough, in-depth
exotic originating from a distant country; something unusual alien, unfamiliar, foreign

Adjectives That Start With “E” To Describe a Person

Many of the eclectic “E” adjectives above are perfect for describing a person, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an elaborate list of person-centric descriptors in your back pocket at all times. You always need to be properly equipped to describe your extroverted friends, eagle-eyed teachers, and even-tempered grandma.

Adjective Definition Synonyms
eagle-eyed having keen perception perceptive, sharp-eyed, observant
economical careful not to waste money or resources prudent, thrifty, frugal
ecstatic feeling overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement elated, joyful, blissful
emotional having feelings that are openly displayed and easily excited passionate, sentimental, sensitive
enigmatic mysterious; difficult to interpret cryptic, obscure, perplexing
equanimous calm and composed even-tempered, imperturbable, stable
erudite having or displaying great knowledge scholarly, knowledgeable, intellectual
euphoric characterized by happiness and intense excitement elated, beatific, delightful
even-tempered not easily annoyed or disturbed calm, easygoing, composed
extroverted socially confident and outgoing gregarious, sociable, congenial

Example Sentences for Adjectives That Start With “E”

You now know an exhaustive number of adjectives that start with “E,” but even the most eagle-eyed, erudite readers might have trouble actually using those words. Seeing some sentences can help you better understand how to use even the most esoteric of adjectives.

  1. The eccentric man down the street owns 25 cats.
  2. Our economical friend was always trying to find deals.
  3. The eerie sounds coming from the basement sent chills up her spine.
  4. Amy is so effervescent that everyone wants to hang out with her.
  5. The more efficacious workflow increased production by 15%.
  6. We often thought that our erudite friend would have made an excellent professor.
  7. Johnny's egregious error cost his team dearly.
  8. Her laid-back, easy-going personality was part of why we loved hanging out with her.
  9. Nirvana's electric performance really tore the house down.
  10. Elegiac poems of the late 18th century capture the feeling of mourning and loss.
  11. The elephantine beast reared its enormous head.
  12. Empirical evidence proves that the medicine is safe for children.
  13. Joan was empathetic to Carl's loss because she could imagine how much it would hurt to lose a loved one.
  14. The ice cream shop had an eclectic mix of flavors that ranged from plain vanilla to anchovy pizza.
  15. His elaborate plan to surprise his girlfriend didn’t work out because the bus was late.
  16. Jay Gatsby is the eponymous character in The Great Gatsby.
  17. No one could understand Janine's esoteric explanation of thermodynamics.
  18. The crowd lined up around the block for the excellent pumpkin croissants at Chez Christophe.
  19. An exhaustive list of every product the company sells is included in Appendix C.
  20. Coconuts are considered exotic in countries without coconut trees.

Extra “E” Words

If you think you’ve had enough of “E” words, just wait. Adjectives are just your entry point. Building an extensive vocabulary includes nouns and verbs. This can encourage better writing and speaking skills, and it might give you the extra edge in any word games.