Sentence Examples

  • Scoresby describes them as "extremely playful, frequently elevating their horns and crossing them with each other as in fencing."
  • While elevating the temperature they bring more moisture into the air and produce a change not entirely desirable.
  • One of the chief objects of the emperors being to weaken the influence of the senate by the opposition of the equestrian order, the practice was adopted of elevating those equites who had reached a certain stage in their career to the rank of senator by adlectio.
  • In 1842, as we have said, the last volume of the Positive Philosophy was given to the public. Instead of that contentment which we like to picture as the reward of twelve years of meritorious toil devoted to the erection of high philosophic edifice, Comte found himself in the " positive midst of a very sea of small troubles, of that uncom- Phil°= „ pensated kind that harass without elevating, and sophy.
  • From his earliest manhood Comte had been powerfully impressed by the necessity of elevating the condition of women.

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