Sentence Examples

  • Optimism is empowering, uplifting, and inspiring.
  • (7) Uplifting work among the Panchamas or low-tastes, which has been strikingly successful among the Malas (American Baptists) and the Madigas (London Missionary Society) of the Telugu-speaking country, who come in mass movements to the Christian faith.
  • 14, water intrudes beneath that part of the masonry more readily than it can obtain egress along bc, or in any other direction towards the outer face, we shall have the uplifting and overturning pressure due to the full depth of water in the reservoir over the width ab added to the horizontal pressure, in which case all our previous calculations would be futile.
  • (Since late Tertiary times) erosion has had but little effect in altering the country from the state to which it was brought by the uplifting and warping of the old peneplain.
  • Caves formed by the uplifting and folding of the rocks while gypsum was forming beneath, followed by the partial collapse of those rocks when the gypsum passed into solution.

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