Sentence Examples

  • 1 Stage hoisting is applicable to any depth.
  • In hoisting from great depths the weight of the rope, which may exceed that of the cage and FIG.
  • Nevertheless, in very deep and large mines the time consumed in handling the men may make serious inroads on the time available for hoisting ore.
  • Tanks operated by the main hoisting engines, and of capacities up to 50o gallons or more, are applicable under several conditions: (1) When the shaft is deep, the quantity of water insufficient to keep a pump in regular operation, and the hoisting engine not constantly employed in raising mineral, the tank is worked at intervals, being attached temporarily to the hoisting rope in place of the cage.
  • The special difficulties which attend deep mining, in addition to the problems of hoisting ore and raising water from great depths, are the increase of temperature of the rocks and the pressure of the overlying strata.