70+ Descriptive Words That Start With E

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Updated January 5, 2023
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Are you looking to enrapture and engage your readers? Descriptive words that start with "e" are an excellent way to enhance a sentence, poem or story. A list of adjectives, participles, adverbs, nouns, and verbs is an effective way to enchant an eager audience.

Descriptive Adjectives to Describe Someone

When you think of descriptive words for people, adjectives are probably the first words that come to mind. Explore a list of "e" adjectives that can describe all sorts of people.

  • eager
  • eagle-eyed
  • educated
  • egocentric
  • elite
  • emotional
  • embittered
  • energetic
  • engaged
  • enigmatic
  • enlightened
  • essential
  • ethical
  • euphoric
  • evangelical
  • even-tempered
  • exasperated
  • expectant
  • expressionless
  • expressive
  • extroverted
  • exuberant

More Descriptive Adjectives Starting With E

It is certainly correct to say that adjectives are words that describe other words, so they are not limited to just describing people. Some adjectives describe objects, ideas or concepts rather than people. Adjectives that start with "e" include:

  • ear-piercing
  • ear-splitting
  • earthshaking
  • earthy
  • easy
  • echoing
  • ecological
  • economical
  • edible
  • editable
  • edifying
  • eerie
  • effective
  • elastic
  • elementary
  • enclosed
  • enticing
  • erotic
  • esoteric
  • evaporated
  • everlasting
  • excellent
  • exotic

Descriptive Nouns That Start With E

You can also describe people or things by naming what or who something is. For example, the word editor is a noun that refers to a person who edits writing or digital content. Additional nouns that start with "e" are:

  • eater
  • eccentric
  • echo
  • ecstasy
  • editor
  • educator
  • elder
  • embrace
  • emigrant
  • energy
  • enigma
  • episode
  • equal
  • etching
  • examiner
  • expert
  • explosion
  • export
  • expression

Descriptive Adverbs Beginning With E

Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs. While you don't want to use too many adverbs in your writing, a well-placed adverb that starts with "e" can exquisitely improve a bland sentence.

  • earlier
  • earnestly
  • easily
  • ecologically
  • either
  • effectively
  • efficiently
  • embarrassingly
  • emotionally
  • endearingly
  • endlessly
  • energetically
  • enormously
  • enough
  • enthusiastically
  • entreatingly
  • enviably
  • eternally
  • ethically
  • expertly
  • explosively
  • exquisitely

Descriptive Verbs That Start With E

Sometimes you want to describe an action without relying on an adverb. Using powerful verbs that start with "e" can elevate your writing in an economic way.

  • ebb
  • eclipse
  • edge
  • efface
  • egg
  • elaborate
  • elbow
  • emanate
  • embalm
  • embark
  • embrace
  • emulsify
  • enchant
  • encumber
  • enhance
  • enrapture
  • enshrine
  • evade
  • excavate
  • extol

Examples of Descriptive Words in a Sentence

Review sentences that use an assortment of words from the lists above. They demonstrate that descriptive words that start with "e" can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Alexandria is excellent with her younger siblings.
  • Walking through the dark cornfield at night was eerie.
  • He is extremely extroverted, while his best friend is very shy.
  • The puppy gazed up at me endearingly.
  • The students were very engaged in the history presentation.
  • Is purchasing used textbooks the most economical way to get class materials?
  • The experts worked earnestly on the project together.
  • Going to a zoo can introduce you to some exotic animals.
  • Trying to figure out the puzzle proved to be an enigma.
  • The dessert was extremely enticing, but Sally decided to stick with her diet.
  • Tyler elbowed me out of the way in the buffet line.

Using Descriptive Words Effectively

Descriptive words add color and interest to any work of writing. As with any other device in writing, it's important to avoid overusing descriptive words in your sentences. For even more "e" word enjoyment, shine a light on a list of positive words that start with "e" for an effortless way to elevate readers' excitement.