Sentence Examples

  • 19), allusion is made to their lack of meat in order to magnify the wonders of the journey, and among divinely sent aids to guide ' So B.
  • On March 12 1915, the following notice was issued by the Press Bureau, warning the newspapers that they were too optimistic in the pictures they gave of what was happening: " The magnitude of the British task in this great war runs serious risk of being overlooked by reason of exaggerated accounts of successes printed daily in the Press and especially by exhibiting posters framed to catch the eye and magnify comparatively unimportant actions into great victories.
  • Focal length presented to the Royal Society by Huygens, and found that Hadley's reflector "will bear such a charge as to make it magnify the object as many times as the latter with its due charge, and that it represents objects as distinct, though not altogether so clear and bright....
  • But a still further discovery made in the Villa Suburbana contributed to magnify the greatness of Herculaneum; within its walls was found the famous library, of which, counting both entire and fragmentary volumes, 1803 papyri are preserved.
  • These candles, which we thy servants desire to carry lighted to magnify thy name; that by offering them to thee, being worthily inflamed with the holy fire of thy most sweet charity, we may deserve," &c. (3) " 0 Lord Jesus Christ, the true light, ...

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