Sentence Examples

  • She had to buy new bras as her breasts began to enlarge, and headaches were a daily thing now.
  • Cut a few trails, clear around the pool of water - maybe enlarge it and get some ducks.
  • On the 2nd of May 1422 Henry V., in right of the duchy of Lancaster, " hearing that Chicheley inflamed by the pious fervour of devotion intended to enlarge divine service and other works of piety at Higham Ferrers, in consideration of his fruitful services, often crossing the seas, yielding to no toils, dangers or expenses.
  • Fourth, monarchs have regarded war as a legitimate means to expand their tax base, which historically they used to enlarge their armies, which were then used to wage war to expand their tax base, which they then used to enlarge their armies, ad infinitum.
  • He made no advances whatever; appeared to have no desire to enlarge the circle of his acquaintances.

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