Sentence Examples

  • The universal belief in the efficacy of invocation as an indispensable adjunct to sacrifices and religious rites generally, could not fail to engender and maintain in the minds of the people feelings of profound esteem and reverence towards those who possessed the divine gift of inspired utterance, as well as for those who had acquired an intimate knowledge of the approved forms of ritual worship. A common designation of the priest is brahman (nom.
  • They do really seem to engender a kind of hereditary capacity in their members.
  • We may indeed with Mr Andrew Lang explain the many myths of the bestial transformations of Zeus on the theory that the God was the tribal ancestor and assumed the shape of the animal-totem in order to engender the tribal patriarch; 7 but on the actual cults of Zeus theriomorphism has left less trace than on those.
  • It is the sort of building that has often engendered great pride in the people who use it.
  • On the contrary, the aspiration of the party to preserve its proletarian character must inevitably engender resistance to bureaucratism.

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