Sentence Examples

  • Carborundum was applied by Engels in 1899, firebricks being washed with carborundum paste and then baked.
  • The duke of Newcastle, who succeeded his brother, looked on the work of corruption with absolute Engels pleasure, and regarded genius and ability as an castle.
  • Consider the link BC,, and let it be required to find the velocity of the point B having given the velocity of the point C. The principle upon which Engels 05:59, 27 Mar 2006 (PST)D
  • (3) Eliminating p, q, P, Q, we obtain the equations (C~M0a2)Engels(Cna/c)y_(M0gai/c)x=o, ~
  • Near m ii the lake are several sites air of ancient towns, and Sakr SaJihf~ the temple called Kasr It - - Engels-~ Karun, dating from ~j~1 ~i~i~ta Roman times, distin ~~ n guishes the most im, .,u~r, h,ti~s, 2 portant of these.

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