Sentence Examples

  • All My Children scoops and spoilers are for fans of Tad, Erica, Kendell, Zach, Greenlee and all the other rich characters who populate the little town of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania.
  • There are a few more steps to actually populate the database with tables and information, but again there are many tutorials on the process at sites such as the Abbey Workshop.
  • This is just a small lexicon of the great Lord of the Rings characters that populate the novels by J.R.R. Tolkien and the films based on them by Peter Jackson.
  • Power struggles at Newman Enterprises are as enticing to fans as the love triangles, illegitimate children and affairs that also populate the landscape.
  • Brooks could populate a best love song list on his own with songs like Unanswered Prayers and The Dance, but Shameless is his signature love song.